How Lunchsense saves you $$$

Why a $36 lunchbox could be one of the smartest investments you make all year

Why a $36 lunchbox could be one of the smartest investments you make all year Lunch is not typically something we think about with a long-term perspective. We get hungry, we eat. Our children get hungry, we feed them. Our kids need lunchboxes, we throw away the yucky old ones and drop $15 on a new one. We burn through “reusable” plastic storage containers, disposable plastic bags and leaky thermoses, all in the service of making lunch. 
At Lunchsense we’ve thought a lot about lunch. We’ve considered the cost of using all of these disposable products — both to us and the planet — and wondered how the experience of eating lunch changes with a system that works the way it’s supposed to. On all fronts, we’ve determined that Lunchsense is a product that puts you out ahead. Here are a few of the ways Lunchsense lunchboxes justify their worth:SAVING ON KID'S LUNCHES:
  • Milk – Before I started packing my kids lunches, I was spending 50 cents a day (per kid!) on school-bought milk. With the reusable drink bottle in Lunchsense, now I’m spending 8 cents a day AND my kids aren’t dumping their milk in collection containers. That’s a savings of $75.60 if you consider the average 180-day school year. ANNUAL TOTAL = $75.60
  • Food – Simply put, if you pack food in baggies that which is uneaten will end up in the trash can. Unfinished lunches in Lunchsense lunchboxes return home, so I can serve the leftovers as a snack, or adjust how much I put in. I saved about $1 day on food costs this way.   ANNUAL TOTAL = $180
  • Eating In – Eating lunches out may be fun, but it was costing me around $6 a day. With Lunchsense, I can pack an epic lunch for $3 a day, saving $60 a month or $720 a year. Home-packed foods also tend to be more healthful and I can pack as much or as little as I want. ANNUAL TOTAL = $720
  • Packaging – Those who are already packing lunches can benefit from Lunchsense in other ways. It's probably safe to say you'll spend somewhere in the neighborhood of $40 on the combined cost of bags ($10), plastic containers ($15) and a lunch bag or lunchbox ($15). And what are the environmental costs associated with all those baggies in landfills? There's no telling. ANNUAL TOTAL = $40
  • And more packaging – How 'bout those nifty "100 calorie packs"!  Sure, they’re convenient, but did you ever stop to think about both the waste they generate and  the per-ounce price of the food in them? It’s tough to calculate precisely, but you can bet you’ll save a bunch by divvying up the big bags into your own Lunchsense containers.  Let's take that epic $3 lunch and pack it from the big cartons, and you’ll probably have that very same lunch for $2.  ANNUAL TOTAL = $240

Add it all up

Add it all up
Packing lunch, not eating out
$720 X 2 adults
Not using disposables
$40 x 2 adults
Not using single-serve packaging
$240 x 2 adults
Packing milk in the lunchbox
$75.60 x 2 kids
Packing lunch in Lunchsense
$180 x 2 kids
Not using disposables
$40 x 2 kids
Total savings for a family of four:    
Less the cost of four Lunchsense lunchboxes:   
$36 x 4 boxes

Putting it another way...

Putting it another way... If kids save about $1.50 a day by carrying a Lunchsense lunchbox, they'll make back the cost of that box in about 24 days of use; if adults save $4 a day by carrying a Lunchsense lunchbox, the box will pay for itself in 9 days!


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