How to Open/Close the Lunchbox

Kid's lunch boxes need to be sturdy, rugged, easy to open and close, and yet not come undone when they are not supposed to.

When Lunchsense lunchboxes get carried sideways (as they often do), they WILL NOT COME UNDONE.

"not intuitive but really easy"

When you order up your Lunchsense lunchbox, you will find several bits of hardware on it, some of which are probably familiar and some that are probably not. Two of these pieces are on the black webbing side straps (one on each strap), and they are called LIFT-THE-DOTS.

About the Hardware

About the Hardware Lift the Dot hardware has been around for over 100 years, and was originally used on buggy covers. Lift-the-Dots were used on ammunition bags, parachutes, and helmets in both World Wars. These days they are found on boat covers and other specialty applications, and have now found a new home on Lunchsense lunchboxes.

What makes Lift-the-Dots so special? They only open from one side. You can pull with all your might from the other sides and they won't come undone, but when pulled from the correct side they pop open easily.

Carry them Sideways!

Carry them Sideways! Why does this matter on a lunchbox? When Lunchsense lunchboxes get carried sideways (as they often do), they WILL NOT COME UNDONE.

How do they Open?

How do they Open? How do they open, then? As we say here, "itís not intuitive, but really easy."
1. Hold the box with the side facing you.
2. Place your thumb on the side strap on top of the Lift-the-Dot hardware.
3. Slide two fingers under the strap, below the Lift-the-Dot.
4. Pull gently with your fingers to disengage the lower edge of the Lift-the-Dot from the post.
5. Voila! The hardware piece is open!

Replacing your Lift-the-dot

Replacing your Lift-the-dot

What happens if I pull the Lift-the-Dot socket out of the webbing side strap? Don't worry, the lunchbox can be easily repaired. Note that this is a feature of thoughtful design: better to replace a tiny piece, easily, than have to repair a tear or dispose of the whole item because of one small fail.  This is why you won't find zippers or velcro on Lunchsense - they are often the first things to go on a lunchbox, and they are not cost-effective to repair.  

If you need to have a Lift-the-Dot replaced, please send the box ONLY (no contents, no handle or shoulder strap) to:

Lunchsense Repairs
2075 Lawrence Street
Eugene, OR 97405

Please include a check for $10 (payable to "Lunchsense") to cover the cost of the repair and return shipping, and the repaired box will be back on the truck to you within 24 hours of receipt. Note that the box itself, when unsnapped and folded accordion-style, fits pretty well in a large padded or Tyvek envelope, and US Postal Service provides the quickest and least expensive means of delivery.



How to Lift The Dot

Opening & Closing
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  1. The "placemat" lunch box
  2. Snap the tray tabs
  3. Fold up the back
  4. Fasten the lower snaps
  5. Place eyelet over post
  6. Fasten the upper closures firmly
  7. Close the tray front: tuck the lower sides to the inside, and tuck the tray under the top
  8. Pull the stretchy tab over the button
  9. Your closed lunchbox!

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August, 1941

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Life Magazine Advertisement
February, 1942
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