Do you have a special use for your LunchSense lunchbox? Do you have a funny story about your kids using our green lunch boxes and containers? Or maybe they've turned their friends on to using no waste lunch boxes? Care to share a photo of your personalized lunchbox? We love hearing from our customers. Send us your feedback!

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(Don't understand the picture? Here's a hint: he's a priest) (Don't understand the picture? Here's a hint: he's a priest)
"Thank you very, very much for the new lunchbox. As you can see, I made a slight modification that made it even more unique, and, if I do say so myself, even cooler. I hope that you're ready to make even more of these great solutions to crushed lunches and salmonella-filled sandwiches. God bless you,"
    --Fr. Mike, OP

A great invention! A great invention!
"I've been using the lunch box for about 2 months now and it is a great invention! The quality was even better than I thought it would be. Very sturdy and well thought out. Lots of attention to detail. I love the fact that it opens up completely, is easy to clean and that everything fits. No more squashed food. Those fasteners on the side handles are very familiar to me as I used to spend many hours in the army surplus store when I was a kid. They were on all that old army junk. Never thought I'd see them again. Great use for them. I added a few things of my own to the box. I needed larger utensils so I added the blue Cloverware nesting utensils. Much more adult and they fit in the box. Also a flexible cutting board and sharp knife for fruit, vegetables and what ever else. Of course I don't bring everything every day but they will all fit in the box if I need them. (see the picture, attached) Now all I need is a condiment rack! All the other teachers are jealous. Thanks for the great product."

Cool snaps, cool history Cool snaps, cool history
"Received our lunchboxes last week. Opened them last night and read the instructions on the special snaps. What cool history, that our lunchboxes have the same technology that has served our country since WWII.
Thanks again,"

Down the river Down the river
"Love your lunch box containers, though they occasionally go missing. The most recent loss was last week: "Mom, some of my containers fell in the river today at camp! The counselors caught some of them, but the others got washed away!" Time to reorder... "

Easy cleanup for spills Easy cleanup for spills
"The lunch boxes I ordered are fabulous. My 3.5 year old came home today having used it for the first time and she had not closed her chicken noodle soup thermos so the leftovers spilled all over the inside. I sprayed it out with the sink sprayer and wiped it with a paper towel - it cleaned up great! I will likely purchase one more for each of them in the near future."

Even not-quite-three year olds can manage it! Even not-quite-three year olds can manage it!
"I received my order of a lunch box and additional lock&lock container earlier this week. I wanted you to know I am SO thrilled with the lunchbox design and the containers - and my not-quite three year old is able to manage them fairly well on his own when he goes to preschool!
Thanks you so much for making a safe, healthy and eco-friendly lunch set that is so well organized!"

Green living, better teeth? Green living, better teeth?
"My family tries to do little things in our effort live a little more "Green". One of the smartest things I did was buy a Lunchsense box for my daughter to take to school. We don't go through hundreds of little plastic baggies every month anymore. Just in $ saved not buying plastic ziploc bags, this little lunchbox has paid for itself several times over! So- we're doing something good for the Earth, and saving money for other things... like braces."
    --Kirstin Nusser

I love my lunchbox! I love my lunchbox!
"My friends say my lunchbox is really cool. They like that it can fold down and be flat like a pancake. Sean says it looks like a baby changing pad- that's icky. My mom likes that she can put it in the washing machine. Sometimes my lunch box gets really gross. After it's clean, it looks like new again."
    --Lauren, 2nd grade

Indestructable! Indestructable!
"My son is 13 and has special needs and is not gentle with his belongings but this lunch box holds up. He has had it about 2 years now and it keeps its shape. We also like that he can open and close the lunch box and the containers which help him with independence. "

It's a good day when... no one barfs in my Lock&Lock It's a good day when... no one barfs in my Lock&Lock
"I bought one of these fabulously creative lunchboxes the first day I met Nancy. I got a black one, to match my messenger computer bag. Perfect for my office lunch. When I took it home, I immediately set about creating a special place for the box and the handy Lock&Lock containers. Bottom drawer in the kitchen that houses the cloth placemats, I figured, would be the perfect spot. With a 2 and 4 year old, the cloth placemats never see the light of day. My perfect lunchbox fixin's would be safe. Or so I thought. This winter my family has all shared in the typical rounds of colds, random fevers and the occasional barf. When the kids feel woosy, I give them a Tupperware container (just in case they can't make it to the bathroom) and cozy them up on the couch or bed. One feverish afternoon while I was washing dishes, my son ran into the kitchen - looking for a Tupperware bowl, evidently - flung open that bottom kitchen drawer with the placemats and my lunchbox items, grabbed my Lock&Lock container and proceeded to barf into it. As most mothers are, I'm very sympathetic when my kids get sick. They hurt, I hurt. I have to admit, however, the first words out of my mouth were, "NOT MY LOCK&LOCK!" (Of course, it was quickly followed by, "are you ok, honey")"
    --Laura McClain

It's a lunch! It's a snack! It's a lunch AND a snack! It's a lunch! It's a snack! It's a lunch AND a snack!
"I just wanted to thank you for the great service and to let you
know that we are enjoying the lunch box innards we purchased. Just to let
you know, I joked before to ask if having your product would get my child to
eat her lunch. It's only been a week for school, and we are learning how
MUCH to put in her lunchbox, but she DOES eat the items, brings home the
excess, and EATS that after school for snack. I am not bombarded with
requests before dinner, and she's eating something healthy for her snack. I
couldn't ask for anything more! Thanks a bunch!"

Lunchbox love.... Lunchbox love....
"Before we got the Lunchsense lunchboxes for my two elementary-aged kids I was reluctantly allowing them to eat hot lunch at school once a week. It was our compromise -- they wanted to eat the unhealthy hot lunch every day and I could only bear to allow them to eat it once a week. Since purchasing this incredible lunchbox they have never asked to eat hot lunch and I am able to pack them healthy lunches with every food group represented.

One day we left my 2nd grade son's Lunchsense lunch box at school overnight. When I told him I was going to have to pack his lunch in a plastic bag until we got to school he was very upset. The whole way to school he kept saying "Mom, please, as soon as we get to school, let's make sure we get rid of this plastic bag and get my lunch into my lunchbox." He must have repeated this statement 5 times on the way to school. Keep in mind -- it takes us less than 5 minutes to actually get to school! That's lunchbox love!

This lunchbox is the most sturdy, easy-to-keep-clean lunchbox I have ever had. I bought one for each of my three children -- 2nd grade, kindergarten and preschool. My 4 year old preschooler can open the lunchbox and the plastic containers just as easily as my older two and is just as proud to tote her special purple lunchbox to and from school. Before Lunchsense, packing my kids' lunch was a chore. Now I enjoy deciding each morning what I am going to put in each plastic container. In addition, the lunch stays cold and preserved all day so if my children do not eat something I can save it for another meal or snack.

I think the worst thing about lunchboxes before Lunchsense was worrying about whether the lunchbox was sanitary enough to put my kids' food into it. Other lunchboxes get food (which eventually becomes putrid) in the seams. With Lunchsense you can easily open up the lunchbox and throw it in the washing machine and let it air dry. When washed, it absolutely looks like a brand new lunchbox! I wash the three lunchboxes we have every other week and they look amazing. Now I know my kid's lunchboxes are clean and safe to carry food in. Before I wasn't so sure."
    --Tara Parrillo

The coolest kids on campus The coolest kids on campus
"The high school that my kids go to is the largest in the state with a student population over 3,000. Having only carried their new lunchboxes to school for a few days, they are already getting over whelmed with the question of "Where did you find that?" Their friends even try to steal some of their lunch, because it is the freshest and looks the most appetizing. So I'd say give it a few weeks, but you'll be sure to see alot more orders coming your way from this zip code soon."

Tidier backpacks with Lunchsense lunchboxes Tidier backpacks with Lunchsense lunchboxes
"My daughter never eats her entire snack. Do you know how I know this?
She brings it home in her Lunchsense lunchbox! Before, she would pack her snack in a ziploc bag which would fall to the bottom of her backpack where whatever it was pulverized and eventually spilled out into her books and papers... Yuck! Now she can pack a snack in her lunchbox and if she doesn't eat it today, she can take it again tomorrow. Her backpack is neater, her food gets eaten (eventually) and I have saved a small fortune not buying those little plastic bags!"
    --A happy mom of two

Yet another use for duct tape Yet another use for duct tape
"My friend and co-worker recently ordered a couple of lunchboxes from you, and she brought it to work today to show me. She went on and on and on about it, and was so pleased with the different handles, all the different containers, and said that delivery was fast and easy. You have a new lunchbox ambassador in Seattle!

I think I will get one myself - I was wondering if it would fit in my backpack or not, but I think it might - I'll have to check it out! My old one with my fancy duct tape job on the inside is past its prime, I think."

Best thing since sliced bread Best thing since sliced bread
"This lunchbox is the best thing since sliced bread and it paid for itself in a week since I no longer have to buy lunch - Thanks"

Everything fits! Everything fits!
"I use my Lunchsense lunchbox almost every day! It's great, everything fits together nicely, I don't have to go looking for containers that will fit in my lunch box any more."

Great Design! Great Design!
"My order arrived before the holiday, but I didn't take a look until this morning when my son was off to school. First off, great design! I did quite a bit of searching and was hoping to find something in stainless steel. Your package design impressed me so much that I changed my mind. I'm glad I did.
For many years I was a designer - first jewelry, then sculpture, then gardens. A couple years ago I decided to get an MBA in sustainable business practices. So you can image how I might sympathize with the challenge of bringing a high quality design to market in this day and age. I commend you on your efforts"
    --Julie M.

Great for portion control Great for portion control
"Really enjoying the Lunchsense bag. Enabled eight pound weight loss as I can easily bring my own food to work."

Great product and great customer service! Great product and great customer service!
"We’ve been using your lunch box since kindergarten – it was the only one that had containers my daughter’s little fingers could open that didn’t leak (a tough combination to find).

Thanks for a great product and customer service.

Happy kiddos, happy mom Happy kiddos, happy mom
"I can't thank you enough for creating such a fantastic lunchbox for my kiddos. I had been searching all summer for a box that was unique, safe, and environmentally friendly. I found your lunchsense boxes at my local grocery store last September 2008 and was impressed with the amount of thought and detail that went into designing them. How cool that they come with all the fun boxes inside with separate compartments, etc. Even down to the special lock you have on the side of the handle that keeps it from falling open when the kids are carrying it by the handle. Okay, it took me a bit to figure out how to open it, but now it's a cinch thanks to the tutorial on your website! They feel and look like great quality. They are super easy to clean. I also really enjoy that you are a local company and that I can actually call your number and talk to a human! Actually, the more I think about it, I don't know who likes them better...me or my kids!"

Indestructable! Indestructable!
"My son is 13 and has special needs and is not gentle with his belongings but this lunch box holds up. He has had it about 2 years now and it keeps its shape. We also like that he can open and close the lunch box and the containers which help him with independence."

It's a winner! It's a winner!
"I received the small lunch box this week that I ordered for
my son going into Kindergarten. I know, it's early, but I wanted him
to get comfortable with the lunch box before he starts school. He
loves it so much that he's hidden it in his armoire in his room!
Anyway, I had purchased a different lunch system for my daughter last
year, but I wasn't entirely happy with it. Their containers lids
weren't very secure, and things left in them would leak. So after
searching, I happily found your product& I LOVE the containers. I
think the fact that the lunch box can be laundered is a fantastic idea
(especially since I have a boy) and lets face it, they are usually
You completely have a winner! I wouldn't buy any other
lunchbox...ever! And also, your customer service is fantastic. The
condiment container was left off of my order, and I called& it got
here a couple of days later. I'm all the way in Illinois! So thank you
from the bottom of our non-grumbly stomachs, for your terrific product. We love it!

It's not just for lunch anymore... It's not just for lunch anymore...
"Thanks for the delivery... my daughter was so excited about her new lunchbox we had to open it up so she could 'picnic' on it at the dinner table!"

Lunchboxes can withstand the weight of a Honda Accord Lunchboxes can withstand the weight of a Honda Accord
"By the way... I have to share a quick story. The other day my mom came to visit and while she was here my daughter set her back pack, which had her lunchbox in it, down behind Grandma's car. When Grandma left she backed over the back pack. I was sure that was the end for the box and the contents but, to my surprise nothing was damaged! The containers were perfectly fine! So, now you can add "can withstand the weight of a Honda Accord" to the list of great things about these lunch boxes!"

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