Why Lunchsense


healthy for the environment
  • These are BPA free, lead free and vinyl free lunchboxes
  • Durable, reusable containers eliminate packaging waste
  • Polyethylene and polypropylene are stable, time-tested choices for food storage
healthy for you
  • Encourages portion control and reduces food waste
  • Nutritionally balanced fare is easy to pack
Whatever would make a lunchbox "healthy"?
I'm glad you asked. After all, a lunch brought from home is only as healthy as the food in it, yes?
If you consider how that lunch travels with you, then a healthy lunch might include features like sturdy, reusable, BPA-free food containers, and a durable, washable lunchbox with no vinyl, and certainly no lead! Lunchsense lunchboxes are just that - they are lead-free, vinyl-free, and have dishwasher safe, BPA-free containers and a machine washable box that will give you years of reliable service, and that's healthy for the environment.
If you also consider that with these great containers you can buy your lunch favorites in bulk and fill the containers from them, you can reduce packaging waste, and that's healthy for the environment too.
So let's return to the food in that lunch.
Since Lunchsense lunchboxes come in three sizes, you can choose the one that will carry just enough fare for any sized appetite. However, I do know that from packing lunch for three kids that it's impossible to predict just what will be enough, and not too much, from day to day. On this point I've discovered another valuable feature of Lunchsense lunchboxes:

When food is packed in disposable containers (like baggies) the leftovers are seen as trash and thrown away at school with everything else. When food is packed in reusable containers, the leftovers return home.

I'd consider this "healthy" in a couple ways: We aren't wasting food, because I don't have to scrounge up an afterschool snack as they've pretty much provided their own (and the enclosed ice pack keeps me confident that the leftovers are still okay to eat), AND I have a quick and easy measure of how much food they need (or, really, that they make the time to eat around all the socializing) at lunchtime.


easy to use... Lock&Lock Containers
  • Are watertight
  • Go from freezer to fridge to microwave to dishwasher
  • Open without spills and close reliably (even by little kids!)
  • Fit perfectly in the lunchbox
My three kids are gradeschoolers, and although the oldest (and, arguably, the other two) could pack their own lunches, I don't see it happening any time soon.

Why not the oldest? you ask.  Here's why: She's a petite thing, but I'm utterly flummoxed at how much space she takes up in our little kitchen. I try and reheat my coffee cup - she's standing in front of the micro slicing an apple. I try and get milk for the cereal - she's rummaging around the fridge for salad dressing. I try and get a spoon for her brother - she's getting bread and standing in front of the silverware drawer. Bless her heart, she's a detail-oriented, thoughtful gal, and deeply respectful of food and all its wondrous variety, but if she insists on taking over the kitchen for 20 minutes every morning to get her lunch together she's going to have to move out and get her own dang kitchen. And if it drives ME to distraction, it would bring her and her brothers to blows. At 7:45 am I don't have the time or patience for that, so I remain in charge of packing lunch (though, to their credit, they all have to pack their own schoolday snacks).

Enter Lunchsense.

I put the Lock&Lock containers on the counter, organized by kid.  I fill them as I pull stuff out of the fridge, off the cutting board, or out of the cabinets, although in no particular order.  When a set has a complete lunch, I put lids on the Lock&Lock and slide them into the respective lunchbox, and my job is done. It takes no more active brain cells than I have available to me at that hour.

It's easy, easy, easy.
By the way, did you notice that this lunchbox cleans up in the washing machine? 


cool to carry
  • Pack great looking food in the morning that still looks great at lunchtime
  • Doubles as a sitting mat or placemat
  • Choose from 8 great colors
  • Includes rigid, leakproof ice pack (how cool is that?)
An elusive concept, cool.  Besides the obvious - every Lunchsense lunchbox comes with its own ice pack - cool is tough to define (much less apply to a lunchbox, of all things).
So what makes people wax nostalgic over the lunchboxes from their youth?  I've heard the stories, many of which go a lot like this: "Ooooh, I still have my lunchbox from 3rd grade, I had a Partridge Family one, my mom has it in the attic."  Maybe it's the connection to hearth-and-home, or maybe it's the promise of a cookie after the carrot sticks - I don't know, but it certainly is powerful. 
So I couldn't say why, but I am finding kids everywhere are delighted by Lunchsense lunchboxes.  Is it the little containers that remind them of a tool box?  Is it the fold down tray in front that defines their lunch domain and gives them a food corral? Or is it that they can unfold the box altogether and claim yet more cafeteria-table real estate?  Or that they can sit on that unfolded box when they have outside lunch?  Better yet, is it that they can use that unfolded box for an impromptu sled on snowy-day recess, or catcher's chest protector in a pickup baseball game?  Whatever it is, kids have taken to this lunchbox, and I'm happy to oblige them.
It's the adults that are surprising me the most, though.  Office meetings...business travel....overtime...Lunchsense lunchboxes are getting around, and in great style.  Maybe it's that the food still looks good when lunchtime rolls around, since the containers keep the food oriented the way it was packed.  Maybe it's that the lunchbox doesn't look like it was nabbed from your kid's collection, or that it was pulled out of the grocery-bag stash, or was really meant to go on a hike in the woods, not to your business client's office. Whatever it is, adults everywhere are breathing a collective sigh of relief over a lunchbox that they aren't embarrassed to be seen carrying.

Maybe that's the trouble with defining "cool" - it's different for everyone.  So make up your own reason - Lunchsense lunchboxes are cool, indeed.


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