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A great invention!

A great invention!I've been using the lunch box for about 2 months now and it is a great invention! The quality was even better than I thought it would be. Very sturdy and well thought out. Lots of attention to detail. I love the fact that it opens up completely, is easy to clean and that everything fits. No more squashed food. Those fasteners on the side handles are very familiar to me as I used to spend many hours in the army surplus store when I was a kid. They were on all that old army junk. Never thought I'd see them again. Great use for them. I added a few things of my own to the box. I needed larger utensils so I added the blue Cloverware nesting utensils. Much more adult and they fit in the box. Also a flexible cutting board and sharp knife for fruit, vegetables and what ever else. Of course I don't bring everything every day but they will all fit in the box if I need them. (see the picture, attached) Now all I need is a condiment rack! All the other teachers are jealous. Thanks for the great product.

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