Do you have a special use for your LunchSense lunchbox? Do you have a funny story about your kids using our green lunch boxes and containers? Or maybe they've turned their friends on to using no waste lunch boxes? Care to share a photo of your personalized lunchbox? We love hearing from our customers. Send us your feedback!

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One lunchbox, so many uses One lunchbox, so many uses
"My daughter loves her Lunchsense lunchbox. She had no trouble mastering the snaps and discovering the versatility of the box itself: Is it a placemat or something to sit on? Should I lay it flat or make a little shelter for my lunch? And when my husband man-handled the strap, they were more than happy to provide a quick repair. High marks to Lunchsense for design and service."

The Best Lunchboxes I've ever had The Best Lunchboxes I've ever had
"Thanks for your great service, Nancy. These are seriously the best lunchboxes I've ever had, and I recommend them to everyone."

The cutest thing ever The cutest thing ever
"My lunchbox just arrived and it is the cutest thing ever. It's really challenging me to bring in larger portions, and a greater variety of food. I love that the containers are *really* spill-proof (I've bought so many who claimed to be, but weren't really.) And I love that they stack so nice & neatly together and look so organized. :-) I'm just so happy with them and so grateful.
I'm someone who has a really difficult time eating lunch for a variety of reasons.....suffice it to say this adorable lunchbox is really going to help inspire me to take good care of myself and not skip lunch or not eat enough for lunch.
Thank you so much for my lunchbox, I love it!"
    --Laura D.

They still look new! They still look new!
"I have to say that my kids have loved their lunch boxes for a year now and they all still look new. I thought they might grow tired of making lunches, but that has not been the case at all. I have given a them a few lunch-packing guidelines but their creativity is something I envy!
Thank you for a great product and fabulous customer service!
    --Sara M.

Very chic, very bento Very chic, very bento
"As a college student who commutes a good 30 miles each way to campus, buying lunch everyday is just not an option. I received a medium lunch box for my birthday after complaining to my parents (daily) that our containers just wouldn't fit into any of the lunch boxes we currently owned. When stuff did fit, it didn't fit enough.
This little lunchbox is fantastic; not only does everything pack in so very nicely, it also makes planning lunches a lot simpler. Very chic, and also very bento."

We're now a four-Lunchsense family We're now a four-Lunchsense family
"Thank you for the prompt (and surprise) delivery of our son's lunch box! He says it's a good shade of red. We're now a four-Lunchsense family."

Wow. Is that thing sturdy or what! Wow. Is that thing sturdy or what!
"I got the killer lunchbox! Wow. Is that thing sturdy or what? It could take years of abuse. Stylish too!
Thank you so much. we will enjoy using it (and not using plastic baggies!)"

You all are geniuses.  Thanks! You all are geniuses. Thanks!
"I LOVE this lunchbox. LOVE it. You all are geniuses. Thanks!"
    --Nora H.

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