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April 17th, 2009 by Nancy

I’m Nancy Owen Myers, and I’m the human behind Lunchsense lunchboxes.  I do have a life outside the lunchbox biz, though, and I will share some of that here.

I’m a native of Seattle, Washington, and the youngest of six kids.  I left my home town after graduating from the University of Washington (B.S., Forest Management) to take an internship in a suburb of Chicago, then a job on Long Island, then a graduate assistantship in Maryland.  After completing an M.S. in Entomology I worked for the National Park Service in Washington, DC for several years before relocating to Portland, Oregon.  I only brought one non-native with me back to the Northwest, my husband Mike whom I’d met and married in Maryland.

Although it took a number of years, it seems to me like a bunch of things all happened at once: we started a family; I moved out of the science career path and into accounting; Mike also changed careers, from engineering to teaching; and we moved several times, eventually settling on Eugene, where we now reside with our three kids.

So then, what do I DO outside of running a biz and a household?  The quick and obvious answer is “sleep”, but in those rare moments when the caffeine kicks in I can be found biking or (when my knees are not too cranky) running, gardening, cooking, and puttering around with DIY projects.  ‘Just built loft beds for the kids last autumn…I’m cooking up a scheme to build a chicken/duck/rabbit/guinea pig pen/coop in the back yard next summer…probably ought to address the fencing of the backyard first, though…the floors need refinishing in the living room….

Come to think of it, it’s probably just as well that the biz and the household occupy most of my waking hours.

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