Full disclosure, 2012 version: summer deals
July 25th, 2012 by Nancy

What's that? You say you'd like to customize your lunchbox?

As I said about this time last summer, I like running a business.

I especially enjoy letting you know about the upcoming deals.  Here’s what’s coming to a Lunchsense website near you:

You want the best possible deal and you want to get this off your back-to-school “to-do” list? BUY NOW. From today through August 6, everything on the Lunchsense website will be discounted 20% .  All you need is the code, which you can receive one of two ways:

1. Sign up on our mailing list*.  The code will come right back to you.

2. If you’re already on the mailing list, read the email we sent out earlier today!  You’ll find the code in it.

You’re not quite ready to buy? COME BACK IN AUGUST (don’t worry, we’ll remind you). From August 7 through August 26, everything on the Lunchsense website will be 10% off.  Again, to get that discount code you’ll have to see steps 1 & 2, above.

Wondering why you’d buy when the discount is at 10% rather than 20%? Here’s why: two days – August 10 & 11, 2012 - of FREE PERSONALIZATION, and two days – August 16 & 17, 2012 – of FREE SHIPPING.  Neither of these deals needs a code, they’ll just magically apply to everyone on those days.

Either of these deals MIGHT meet or beat 20% off, depending on your location and whether you want a name on that lunchbox.  Which one is better for you?  It all depends on where you live and what you want to order.  I’d suggest you go to the website, figure out what you’d like, then figure out when it makes the most sense for you to place your order.

Note well:

  • Saturday August 18 is the last day you can order a personalized lunchbox and guarantee delivery of it by Saturday September 1, so don’t put that off until the last minute!
  • Friday August 24th is your last day to order not-personalized lunchboxes using regular delivery to receive it by Saturday September 1st, and
  • Tuesday August 28th is your last day to order not-personalized lunchboxes using 2-day delivery to receive it by Saturday September 1st.
  • Yes, you can order a personalized lunchbox on the free shipping days (August 16th or 17th), and it will be delivered, for free, by the 1st.

Why am I telling you this? Check out this post from way back for my opinions about discounts, but in a nutshell:

1. I prefer transparency and forthrightness over obfuscation and sneakiness any day.

2. Offering the best deal early helps smooth out an otherwise chaotic month of back-to-school selling, and ensures that everyone will get their order with plenty of time to spare.

3. Because I can.  It’s my business.

*If you hesitate to sign up for mailing lists, I hear ya. Don’t worry, we here at Lunchsense dislike spam as much as the other guy, so I only send out a very small handful of emails a year.  If you don’t think you – or your coworker, or niece, or the really sweet kid next door – will be needing a great new lunchbox when we write to you, please understand that we believe that if we can’t be useful, we should at least to be entertaining, so please read the email anyway.

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