Give a hoot, don't pollute
Nov 24th, 2009 by Nancy

hootI remember those words from my grade school days, and the perky owl that offered them up in between Saturday morning cartoons.

I look back now and realize what we were being asked: we were supposed to not drop our trash on the ground, but to actually put it in a garbage can.

Throwing trash on the ground seems downright cretin by current standards, don’t you think? Now we check labels for recycled content, and we sort all our materials, and we compost our kitchen and yard waste, and we take our electronics and leftover paints and such to drop-off sites, and maybe we even demand that producers create less packaging, not only reduce pollution but to reduce waste in the first place.  It’s exhausting sometimes, and frustrating, and often feels like a moving target.

So I’m offering this quick post to remind us all of something we are well-served to remember: We’re making progress.

Before I go, please forgive me for postscripting this chance to pat ourselves on the back: we are making progress, but not all of us at the same rate, so let’s be gentle with those that have a way to go.


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